Mares Regulator Service Manuals and Info

Files provided for informational and educational purposes only.

Please review the entire manual and technical bulletins and follow all applicable warnings and instructions. In particular, note that information provided here is likely out of date. Please consult an authorized Mares service center or technician for current information.

Linked files are to annual Mares service manuals. The service manuals are incremental, information is only updated or replaced as new models become available and parts are updated. If you would like to contribute additional files or info for this page, please e-mail lowwall1 "at" gmail "dot" com or contact lowwall or Zef on or post on this Scubaboard thread.

Sections: Service Instructions - First Stage, Service Instructions - Second Stage, Parts Lists and Exploded Views - First Stage, Parts Lists and Exploded Views - Second Stage, Technical Bulletins.

Service Instructions - First Stage
BaseModelPage referenceService ManualPage Num
mult.C.W.D. Kit installationK1-11998-9910
mult.C.W.D. Kit installationK1-2 to K1-420042-4
mult.Procedure for adjusting IP in diaphragm 1st stagesF7-2200717
mult.Adjusting and Checking Intermediate PressureF7-1, F7-3201225-26
mult.First Stage TroubleshootingF8-1 to F8-2201227-28
2R1/R2F6-1 to F6-51998-9947-51
2R2SF12-1 to F12-13 (except F12-11)20103-14
22S2S F1 -F17201767-83
10MR10F4-1 to F4-71998-9933-39
12MR12 IIF5-1 to F5-51998-9941-45
12MR12/V12/12S "2011"INTF3-1 to F3-5 (except F3-3)1998-9927-30
12MR12/MRX12/V12/MR12 LongF3-3200460-69
1212S (incl. CWD Dry kit)F11-1 to F11-19 (except F11-17)20097-24
1212S12S F1 to F18201725-42
1515X15X F1- F17201749-65
16MR16/V16F2-1 to F2-61998-9920-25
22Ruby DFC/MR22 DFCF1-1 to F1-8 (except F1-4)1998-9912-18
22Ruby DFC/MR22 DFCF1-420045
42V42F9-1 to F9-92005-0628-34
42MR42F10-1 to F10-7200710-16
42C.W.D. Kit installation (MR42/V42)K1-3 to K1-520086-8
52MR52F13-1 to F13-15201210-24

Service Instructions - Second Stage
BaseModelPage referenceService ManualPage Num
mult.Second Stage Trouble ShootingSecond Stages S10-1 to S10-3201260-62
mult.Final Checks and adjustmentsSecond Stages S9-1201259
AbyssRuby/Abyss/VoltrexS1-1 to S1-61998-9953-58
AbyssAbyssS12-1 to S12-6200826-31
Air ControlAir Control InflatorS14-17 to S14-27200956-66
Air ControlAir Control OctopusS14-1 to S14-14200941-54
AkrosXTR/XL/AkrosS2-1 to S2-101998-9960-69
AxisAxis/Axis OctopusS7-1 to S7-11200223-33
BetaBetaS6-1 to S6-101998-9995-104
CarbonCarbonS13-1 to S13-14200926-39
IIIIII - II (2nd version of Model III)S4-1 to S4-61998-9981-86
InstinctInstinctS15-1 to S15-16201243-58
MVOctopus MVS10-1 to S10-8200730-37
MVOctopus MVOctopus MV: S1 - S152017107-121
NavyNavyS5-1 to S5-61998-9988-93
NikosNikosS3-1 to S3-91998-9971-79
ProtonProton/Proton XLS8-1 to S8-9200235-43
RebelRebel 2K6S9-1 to S9-11 (except S9-9)200719-28
RoverPrestige/RoverS11-1 to S11-10200815-24
RoverRoverRover S1 - S17201787-103
MiscNitrox Statement (up to 40%)N1-1 to N1-41998-995-8
MiscNitrox Statement (Europe only, over 21%)NX1-1 to NX1-62005-062-7
Misc"Maintenance" info, incl. tool list, O-ring ref. I to VII20074-8

Note: 2016 Service Manual (German) is in the German language, but has service instructions incl. color photographs and applicable tech bulletins for the following regs (with first page of section): first stages - 12S p. 6, 15X p. 44, 22 Navy p. 269, 22 Extreme p. 84, 22X p. 108, 52X p. 136, second stages - Abyss Navy II p. 160, Abyss Extreme p. 176, Abyss p. 194, Fusion p. 214, and Prestige p. 234.

Parts Lists and Exploded Views (Diagram or Photo) - First Stage
TypeBaseModelPage referenceService ManualPage Num
Parts list2R2 DFC/R2 DFC NitroxF6-51998-9951
Diagram2R2 2000 DFC/R2 NitroxF6-62000-014
Parts list2R2 DFC/R2 NitroxF6-720047
Both2R2SF12-12, 13201013-14
Photo22S2S F6201772
Both22S2S F17,18201780-83
Parts list12MR12 IIF5-51998-9945
Both12MR12/MR12 Nitrox/V12F3-61998-9931
Both12MR12 DFC 2000/MR12 Nitrox/MRX12 DFCF3-72000-013
Diagram12MR12 DFC 2000/MR12 Nitrox/MRX12 DFCF3-8200210
Diagram12MR12 LongF3-10200211
Parts list12MR12 DFC/MR12 NitroxF3-920032
Parts list12MR12 LongF3-1120033
Both12MR12 LongF3-112005-0624
Both12MR12 Long NitroxF3-132005-0626
Parts list12MR12 NitroxF3-122005-0625
Both12MR12SF11-18, 19200923-24
Both12MR12S "2011" DINF11-2020128
Both12MR12S "2011" INTF3-1420127
Photo1212S12S F7201731
Both1212S12S F17,18201741-42
Photo1515x15X F7201755
Both1515X15X F16,17201764-65
Both16V16 2000/V16 2000 Nitrox/VX16F2-82000-012
Both16TI planetF2-10, 1120028-9
Both22MR22 DFC/Ruby DFCF1-81998-9918
Diagram22RubyF1-10, 1120024-5
Both22MR22 NitroxF1-18, 192005-0618-19
Both22MR22 Nitrox 2009F1-2620093
Both22MR22 "2008"G1-23, 2420124-5
Both22MR22 NavyF1-2720126
Photo2222 Navy(see note A)201673
Photo2222 Extreme(see note A)201697
Photo2222X(see note A)2016125
Both32V32 ExtremeF1-16, 172005-0616-17
Both32MR32 ExtremeF10-4, 5200811-12
Both32MR32 TF1-20, 2120089-10
Both42V42F9-8, 92005-0635-36
Both42MR42 TF10-10, 1120094-5
Both52MR52F13-14, 15201223-24
Photo5252X(see note A)2016147
Both8282XParts List, Diagram (medium resolution images)

Parts Lists and Exploded Views (Diagram or Photo) - Second Stage
TypeBaseModelPage referenceService ManualPage Num
BothAbyssRuby/Abyss/Voltrex/Voltrex OctoS1-61998-9958
BothAbyssRuby 2000/Ruby/Ruby Titanium/OrbiterS1-72000-016
Parts listAbyssOrbiterS1-9200213
Parts listAbyssRubyS1-8200212
BothAbyssAbyss 2005S1-10, 112005-0637-38
BothAbyssAbyss Octopus/Abyss NXS12-7201234
BothAbyssAbyss Navy/ExtremeS12-8201235
PhotoAbyssAbyss(see note A)2016203
PhotoAbyssAbyss Navy(see note A)2016165
PhotoAbyssAbyss Extreme(see note A)2016183
BothAir ControlAir Control Octo/InflatorS14-26, 27200965-66
BothAir ControlAir-ControlS14-25201239-40
Parts listAkrosAkros/Octopus Akros/Akros NitroxS2-11200214
BothAkrosEPOS/EPOS NitroxS2-16, 17200219-20
BothAkrosTI PlanetS2-14, 15200217-18
Parts listAkrosXL/Octopus XLS2-13200216
Parts listAkrosXTR/XTR NitroxS2-12200215
BothAxisAxis/Axis OctopusS7-10. 11200232-33
BothAxisAxis Pro/Axis Pro Nitrox/Octopus Axis ProS7-12, 1320048-9
DiagramAxisRebel/Octopus RebelS7-14, 152005-0639-40
BothAxisRebel 2k6/Rebel NX/Octopus RebelS9-10, 11200727-28
BothBetaBeta Escort/Octopus BetaS6-101998-99104
BothCarbonCarbon OctopusS13-15, 16201236-37
PhotoFusionFusion(see note A)2016221
BothIIIIII/Octopus IIIS4-61998-9986
Parts listInstinctInstinctS15-15, 16201257-58
Parts listIVNavy/Octopus NavyS5-61998-9993
BothMVMV OctopusS10-9201229
PhotoMVMV OctopusOctopus MV S52017111
BothMVMV OctopusOctopus MV S14,152017120-121
Parts listNikosNikos Escort/Nikos NitroxS3-91998-9979
DiagramNikosNikos 2000/Octopus Nikos/Octopus Nikos NitroxS3-102000-0110
Parts listNikosNikos/Octopus Nikos/Otopus Nikos NitroxS3-11200221
BothPrestigePrestige Octopus/Prestige SHE DivesS11-12201230
BothPrestigeRover OctopusS11-13201231
PhotoPrestigePrestige(see note A)2016242
BothPrestige DPDPrestige DPD OctopusS11-14, 15201232-33
DiagramProtonProton XLS8-12200411
DiagramProtonProton/Proton OctopusS8-10200410
Parts listProtonProton XLS8-132005-0642
Parts listProtonProton/Octopus ProtonS8-112005-0641
DiagramProton MetalProton Ice/Proton Ice OctopusS8-1420036
Parts listProton MetalProton Ice/Proton Ice OctopusS8-15200412
DiagramProton MetalProton MetalS8-16200413
BothProton MetalProton Ice ExtremeS8-18, 192005-0644-45
Parts listProton MetalProton MetalS8-172005-0643
PhotoRoverRoverRover S5201791
BothRoverRoverRover S16,172017102-103
BothO-Ring Reference TableVII20078
BothRegulator tools (see note B)V. a to VI. B20074-7

Photo - photograph of disassembled reg with labels showing the part names, but not numbers. Service parts are labeled in red.
Note A - photo is from German language 2016 Service Manual, but labels are in English
Note B - tool lists with photos and part numbers are also found at the start of each Reg service section of the 2017 manual

Technical Bulletins
#SubjectService ManualPage NumReprint Year (page)
TBM1Defectiveness of retaining nut lever in 2nd stage regulators (change to nyloc nut)2000-017
TBM2Inlet Fitting -2nd Stage hose Nikos/Nikos Escort/Octopus Nikos2000-018-9
TBM3Adjusting of 2nd Stage Lever Height (2nds Stage Turbo Flow Cover (Abyss 2nd stage)2000-015
BTM4Swivel H.U.B. Maintenance for Airlock200249-50
BTM5Assembling - Disassembling the V32 1st Stage Cap20022-3
BTM6Manual Maintenance Procedures - Proton Ice Version20035
BTM7Technical Update on Axis Second Stages20034
BTM9Identifying the New Air Trim 2003 System200414
BTM10Identify the new Ergo 2005 Inflator2005-0646
BTM11DIN Connector 2k5 (for 1st stages: 32/22/16/H.U.B.)2005-068-10
BTM13A.T. 2003 Pneumatic Inflator Button O-ring2005-0651-52
BTM14Air Trim Pneumatic System - O-ring inflator body2005-0653
BTM15First Stage MR12 Nitrox Connector Maintenance Instruction2005-0621-232017 (2-4)
BTM16First Stage MR22 Nitrox Connector Maintenance Instruction2005-0611-13
BTM17New HP Poppet Seat for MR First Stage (Cod: 46186216) (for Tri-Material Poppet)200922017 (5)
BTM19Abyss 08 2nd Stage Demand Lever (Code: 46200777)200813
BTM20Octopus MV Cover2010152017 (105)
BTM21MR22-42 300 BAR DIN Connector Body20122-3
BTM22Exhaust Gasket Aircontrol (#46201212)201238
BTM23Instinct 2nd stage Poppet201242
BTM25_R1Regulator Service Guideline and Service Intervals201718-19
TB33New Demand Lever 2nd stage Abyss 22, 52X, and DR 2nd stages2018(bulletin only)
ITM1Replacing External Part of Air Trim Pneumatic Inflator200440
ITM2Technical Update for PHOS Tronic Light Switch200441-42
ITM3Replacement of Technomad Series Bag Wheels200443
ITM4Replacing X-Vision Mask Lenses200444-45
ITM5General Information for Phos 2k2/Phos 2k2 Test procedures/Phos 2k2 troubleshooting200446-50
ITM6Phos Tronic General Information/Phos Tronic test procedures/Phos Tronic troubleshooting200451-57
ITM7Replacing Buttons for M1/M1 RGBM Computer200458-59
ITM8Replacement of OR 2013 and Viton 75 Airlab Quick-Coupler Gasket200460-61
ITM9Procedure for replacing the battery (M1 Computer)200462-67
ITM10Activating NEMO after immersion in OFF mode200468
ITM11New SCS Valve Seat (#46186249)2005-0657
ITM12V42 First Stage - HP Poppet Seat Replacement2005-0658-60
ITM13New SCS Valve Seat (#46186249)2005-0661
ITM14Identifing the new 2nd Stage Rebel 2K6200738-39
ITM15MRS Plus (integrated weight pocket)200740
ITM16Precedure for Replacing the battery (NEMO Computer)200834-43
ITM17NEMO Excel Gasket200844
ITM18NEMO Sport Battery Replacement Manual200845-51
ITM19Special Tools (#46201041 - #46201042)200967-692017 (6-8)
ITM19 BISAbyss 08 Second Stage Cover201022-23
ITM20Identification of Mobby's By Mares (drysuit) Valve Replacement Parts201024
ITM21Update Air-Control Inflation Spring201025
ITM22Update Air-Control Deflator Button201026
ITM23Insert Demand Lever #462009922012862017 (85)
ITM24Parbak Backup Ring201287-882017 (9-10)
ITM25MR12S First Stage Modification201289-912017 (11-13)
ITM26Abyss 2nd Stage Case - Abyss Extreme/Navy (Code: 46201190/46201191)201292-93
ITM27MV Exhaust Valve #462012192012942017 (106)
ITM28New Ergo Low Profile & Over Pressure Flat Valves201295-99
ITM29Diaphragm First Stage (#46291111 & #46185022)201714
ITM3012S First Stage "2011" Adjusting Nut and Retaining Nut201715
ITM33Rover Cover201786
ITM37Parbak Backup Ring (revision to ITM24)201716
ITM38Tri-material valve replacement - New ACT valve for 1st stage2015 (Version of ITM40 in German)
ITM40ACT (Advanced Coating Technology) First Stage Poppet Info201717

Although many of these bulletins are not relevant to regulator servicing, we have included all we have so you can see the gaps in our coverage.

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